Professional Service Made Easy


Cloudsource is an online store for Professional Services. Our range of products is specially geared towards the needs of our customers, typically small & medium sized businesses. Our main emphasis is on quality and superior service delivery. 

  • Standardised Pricing

    Quick, simple and
    transparent pricing
    for any service

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  • Quality Assurance

    Professional quality management system ensures consistent results

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  • Moneyback Guarantee

    We deliver on time and as promised. You get what you pay for or your money back.

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  • Online Order Tracking

    Monitor all your orders from start to finish easily and securely.

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Why we are here

  • Role in the economy

    Professional services play a critical role in the functioning of a modern economy by assisting SMEs to evolve from informal to formal structures reliably and affordable.

  • Growth

    With an estimated market value of US$1.8 billion, Kenya’s business related professional services sector is a key engine for economic growth. However access to services and service providers has for a long time been dogged by gaps in market information and supply chain issues which thanks to Cloudsource are now a thing of the past.

  • Linkages

    Recent studies shave revealed a strong relationship between the productivity of businesses in Africa and access to professional services. In East Africa, significant downstream linkages can be seen between professional services sector on the onehand and other key sectos such as manufacturing, education and public administration on the other.